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The Peace candle is made from 100% natural ingredients. Peace is a blend of pure essential oils, including eucalyptus and bay leaf. These scents create a soothing, spa like fragrance. The scent from the essential collection creates a delicate fragrance, which benefits from the aromatherapy properties that 100% natural provides. I have introduced rapeseed wax into the HC mix as it has all the benefits of being a clean burning plant wax like soy, whilst also benefitting from being a UK product.

Hallam Candles are made in small batches and every jar is hand poured and finished with care. The 140ml jars will give you approximately 25 hours of fragrant glow. After use, the jars can be washed and repurposed or recycled. The Peace candle is finished with a timber lid and packed in a Kraft card gift box and recyclable/repuropsed packaging.

I hope you enjoy your Hallam Candle.


Please refer to the care and safety information section.


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