Natural wax

When I first started making candles, my choice of wax was soy. I was concerned by how many of my old favourite candles were made from paraffin wax (even the ‘luxury’ brands). To avoid the chemical fumes and soot in my home, I selected the clean burning soy wax to make my candles with. I […]

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Millennium Gallery Craft Market

I’ve enjoyed visiting craft markets for many years, so it’s a treat to have a stall at one. My first market of 2019 was at the stunning Millennium Gallery on March 30th. The events team at Museums Sheffield did an excellent job of organising the market and supporting all the makers. I started preparation weeks […]

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Trim your wick

What’s all this ‘make sure you trim your wick’ about then? I have realised that by applying this simple, little act leads to a safer, longer lasting candle. You don’t need any fancy wick trimmers (although you can treat yourself to some beauties). I just pinch the top off the wick with my fingers and […]

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