I started making candles in 2017 and continue to love the craft. I began a mission to create a natural candle, which we could confidently light without paraffin wax or synthetic fragrances. Paraffin wax and fragrance oils are the preference of many brands, as they are easier to work with and cheaper to use.

It took many months of researching, testing and refining to produce a candle that I was happy with. I finally created my lovely, little business in the winter of 2018 and Hallam Candle continues to provide high quality, 100% natural, hand crafted candles.

Hallam Candle ingredients are simply essential oils blended with plant wax (rapeseed and soy). Natural goodness is a key ingredient for Hallam Candle. Using 100% natural ingredients helps us avoid unnecessary chemicals and pollutants that can unbalance our health.

I hand pour every Hallam Candle in my Sheffield studio. Each candle is poured and hand finished in small batches to ensure care and attention is given at every stage.

Hallam Candle continues to address ways to be environmentally friendly. All Hallam Candle suppliers are in the UK. One of the reasons in using rapeseed wax, is to reduce soy wax in the blend, hence addressing export and production issues of soy wax. I also use recyclable or repurposed packaging materials where possible.

Hallam Candle Benefits;

  • 100% natural ingredients

  • Pure essential oils

  • Aromatherapy benefits

  • 100% natural plant wax

  • UK rapeseed wax

  • Locally made

  • Hand poured

  • Recycle/repurpose jars

Free from;

  • Synthetic fragrance oils

  • Animal products

Every detail of Hallam Candle has been produced with care for the purpose of providing you with a positive experience. I hope you enjoy them.

Hallam Candle Company have fully compliant labels as per the CLP requirements. Please refer to the candle care and safety information.

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    Choose from the hc collection
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100% natural ingredients. hand poured in small batches.


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