About the Maker

Meet Helen Clark

Hallam Candle Company developed when I needed to take better care of myself by taking time to be creative. This precious time enhanced my wellbeing and I am now privileged to share my candles with you.

I worked in a stressful job and taking time out to create candles refocussed my mind onto positive processes and thoughts. My hobby developed onto creating my business with the aim of providing premium quality candles, handmade locally, from top quality natural ingredients. I enjoy researching candle science and selecting fragrances that contribute towards maximising wellbeing. My background in research and teaching supports the continual development of Hallam Candle Company. My Master’s research at the University of Sheffield involved measuring factors that impact wellbeing levels, therefore am deeply aware of the importance of keeping our minds healthy. I hope that my candles will contribute towards providing an additional prompt to check in on our wellbeing.

Hallam Candle was a name I selected for my business due to the strong connection of the name ‘Hallam’ with the city of Sheffield, in which they are made. I also happen to share the initials, so the company name is connected to the maker too. I’m very happy in my candle studio (coffee & radio on!). Hallam Candles are made in small batches so that I can check every stage of their progress carefully. I hand pour and hand finish each and every candle to provide a candle that is made with attention and care. I sincerely hope that you will take time out to enjoy Hallam Candles.