Natural wax

When I first started making candles, my choice of wax was soy. I was concerned by how many of my old favourite candles were made from paraffin wax (even the ‘luxury’ brands). To avoid the chemical fumes and soot in my home, I selected the clean burning soy wax to make my candles with. I am always looking at ways to improve Hallam Candle’s green credentials.

Soy is a lovely clean burning wax, but I was concerned about the carbon footprint that transporting the soy from far away sources such as North and South America. Rapeseed is grown in the UK and parts of Europe (I love the beautiful, bright contrast of the rapeseed crops in our fields). I have decided to include rapeseed wax in my blends as it has all the benefits of soy, without the drawbacks. The change of wax has taken lots of testing to get the fragrance and wicks how I want them in the new collection – but I think it’s worth it, and I hope that you agree!