Trim your wick

What’s all this ‘make sure you trim your wick’ about then?

I have realised that by applying this simple, little act leads to a safer, longer lasting candle. You don’t need any fancy wick trimmers (although you can treat yourself to some beauties).

I just pinch the top off the wick with my fingers and the excess, soft bit will naturally break off (make sure it’s completely cold – health and safety). We need to throw this bit away, as anything contained in the candle, other than wax, is a potential fire hazard (makes sense). The reason why we need to make the wick shorter before relighting our candle is because we don’t want the flame to get too large.

A large flame is another potential hazard and it burns off the wax too quickly. So for a longer lasting, safer burning candle – we need to trim those wicks! Candles are one of our joys, however I know that we all realise that when flames are involved in our lives, we need to take the right care to enjoy.

How to avoid tunnelling

Another thing I learnt in my candle research was how to avoid ‘tunnelling’. In the candle world, tunnelling can be avoided by making sure that we keep our candles lit until the wax melts to the edge (it takes about an hour for a Hallam Candle to do this). If we extinguish candles before this happens, tunnels are formed in the centre of the candle and all that lovely, fragranced wax around the edge is wasted & we don’t want that!

Making happy choices, HCx